“A+” for Effort

5 06 2008

I’ve always admired people who are willing to “do whatever it takes”, apply themselves to whatever is needed to get things done.  But an under-appreciated virtue is the willingness to ask.  A simple question or request might make life a lot easier, not to take away from the effort and heart.

gracepoint worship aplusA few Sundays ago at Gracepoint Fellowship Church worship service, one of our keyboardists forgot her chordsheets.  I actually discovered this when I passed behind her on stage and saw 4 pages of hand-scribbled notes of the lyrics and chords that she had scrawled seemingly that morning. I asked her what all that was, and she said, “Oh. I forgot my music…” I’m guessing that to write everything out by hand probably took her about 20 minutes, but I’m not sure. Maybe she writes by hand particularly fast.

I applaud her for her responsibility and not just going up there without any music and just “winging it” (like “a bassist soon to go to Austin” I know might probably have done). But at the same time, had she asked a simple question, she might’ve received the extra set of chordsheets that was four feet in front of her on stage, which she eventually did after I saw her hand-written chordsheets.

Either way, Joyce get’s an A+ for effort, to say the least.




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