Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Element: Centrifuge

31 07 2008

A bunch of us are helping with the music for Centrifuge this coming Saturday night. Centrifuge is THE event for our Element group. Element is our youth group at Gracepoint Fellowship Church, headed up by Ben (who was my small group leader when I was a sophomore in college) and Elise Koo.  Two of our vocalists (Bessie and Danielle) are Element teachers.  Centrifuge is:

A night filled with games, music, a thought provoking skit, a life-changing message, and delicious snacks (including free food and boba!!!!) – it’s an opportunity you should take before it’s GONE

It’s only for junior high and high school students, though — 7th through 12th rade.  (So if you’re thinking you want to attend, but you’re as old as my friends look, you’re out of luck.)

Anyway, please pray for the event, for all the Element teachers and students, as well as all the guests that attend the event, that the gospel would be demonstrated by the program, as well as the character and hearts of our students.




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11 08 2008

I heard that the praise set had some rockin’ new songs that the element students really enjoyed. wish i was there. After the event, someone who attended the event asked me, “When is Gracepoint Fellowship going to start playing some songs like that on Sunday’s in Berkeley?” i just smiled because I didn’t have an answer for him.

14 08 2008

Glad you bring this up, because I think this is important to note…

The songs we chose for Centrifuge were good for the purposes that we aimed for, which was to make it exciting for the youth students and their friends they invited. But our goals for a Sunday (and most other events) are quite different. Although it was exciting for that event, those songs are particularly worshipful. Sure, they get the heart pumping, but don’t engage people’s hearts and minds with God in a guided and deeper way.

We also have to consider the wider age range of our Sunday services.

16 08 2008

My daughter raved about Gracepoint Fellowship Church’s Centrifuge for the youth group! Thanks for putting that on for them! Want to come up and do one at Davis for Waypoint?

-Pastor Jonathan

19 08 2008

Gracepoint Fellowship Church Element was awesome. You guys should put up a post linking to the pictures. Looks like an underground concert!

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