Favorites @ Gracepoint Fellowship Church

19 08 2008

Is there a song that we do during our Sunday Worship Services that you really like?  Maybe something inside cheers a little when you hear the intro or see the title screen up. (I encourage you to express that on the outside, too! Why not?)

Comment on this posting and let us know what YOUR favorite worship song is!

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director




74 responses

19 08 2008
Jeff Chiu

-Prince of Peace (with Susan singing the female vocal esp. lol)
-Awesome is the Lord most high

19 08 2008
Al Youn

I’m happy to be living in a time when there are plenty of good Christian songs in a wide range of music genres, ranging from Christian hip-hop to Christian orchestral music.

As for Christian worship songs, I like “All Because of Jesus” by Fee. The lyrics describe Jesus as the giver of life and forgiveness. The instrumentation is driving and exciting. There’s a solid combination of elements that makes the song uplifting and fun to sing!

20 08 2008
Conrad Chu

“From the Inside Out” – Hillsongs United

20 08 2008
Chris Gilling

O for a thousand tongues to sing – Charles Wesley

20 08 2008

I’ll have to agree with Conrad “From the Inside Out”

20 08 2008
john ko

“At the Cross” – Hillsongs from the Mighty to Save album.

20 08 2008

my fave: Mighty to Save

… especially when the guitar intro is solid… hah hah just kidding.

hmm… you really want us to cheer when our favorite song comes up…? 🙂

20 08 2008

Hi James,

Great to see this blog! I love your worship leading and this poll is exactly what I’ve been wanting to see!
My daughter has gotten me hooked on Hillsongs, so…
#1 Mighty to Save
#2 Hosanna
#3 At the Cross (for Good Friday/Easter!)


20 08 2008

The River. Hands down.

20 08 2008
Kevin Karabian

Mighty to Save – Hillsong United

20 08 2008

Jeremy Riddle – What can I bring
From the Inside Out/Mighty To Save (if I remember correctly these two songs were merged at some point in time)

20 08 2008

God With Us, by Mercy Me

This song rocks!

20 08 2008

the stand – hillsong united

20 08 2008

God of this City with the words overlaid over the images this past week was amazing. The song is so much more meaningful now and has been playing on my playlist all week. Powerful. Thanks to everyone for putting that together, and a special thanks to Adam who was majorly stressing out over syncing the images with the words!

20 08 2008

what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus – redman
Let me sing

20 08 2008

God of this City is now my favorite worship song.

20 08 2008

“God of this City” displayed with the images from last Sunday

20 08 2008
Matthew Kim

I would love sings the following songs in a set. This would be the ultimate praise.

The Stand by Hillsong United
Saviour King by Hillsong United
Jesus Is the Lord by Antioch Community Church

20 08 2008

Salvation belongs to our God – love the chorus, it’s so uplifting and convicting.
Mighty to save
Awesome God

20 08 2008
Eddie C

Before the Throne! (i know. not rocking. and kind of old…but man what great lyrics)

20 08 2008

this pathway by greg ferguson

20 08 2008

I love multiple choice: D) all of the above ^_^

20 08 2008

The River
This Pathway
Nothing But the Blood

20 08 2008

What Can I Bring
Lead Me to the Cross

20 08 2008

Inside Out is one of my faves because it really sets the tone for the entire worship service, at least for me anyways.

20 08 2008
Timothy So

1. That song based on Psalm 61 (sorry, I have no idea what the title is or who wrote it).
2. “In Christ Alone” Stuart Townsend
3. “Wonderful Merciful Savior”

20 08 2008

One of my current fav’s: “The Stand” – Hillsong
One of my all-time fav’s: “I Will Offer Up My Life” – Matt Redman

Thank you, Praise Band, for leading us in awesome worship every week!

20 08 2008

I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me
Nothing but the Blood by Matt Redman

20 08 2008

Praise God on High
My Redeemer Lives – Crystal Lewis (we rarely sing this one)
Mighty to Save
“my very present help in time of need” by Hill Song (i forgot the title)

20 08 2008
Danny O.

Savior King – Hillsong (or Hillsong United)
The Stand – Hillsong United
Actually the majority of Hillsong United songs are good.
(Anything from the “I Heart Worhsip” Album)
-“Nothing but the Blood” – Matt Reddman (Sp?)
-“Jesus Paid it All” – Matt Reddman
“God of this City” – from the Passion album “God of this city”
(with the images it was very powerful).
-Passion CD’s are also great. We actually use a lot of songs from those CD’s.

20 08 2008

More of “oh no,you never let go” please! Sorry, I don’t know the exact title. That’s my 4-year old’s favorite too. 🙂
Also, could we please sing that song that was in the brooklyn tabernacle DVD shot at Angola Prison, that says “I know that I can make it, I know that I can stand…” b/c of Jesus? Very moving…

20 08 2008

Unashamed (Starfield) <– I think the only time I remember singing it was in A2F bible study…
Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
Lead Me To the Cross (Hillsong) <– when Lillian sings it….sigh…so good…^_^

20 08 2008

This changes every week or so, but hm…in terms of what we sing on Sundays that causes me to do that little cheer –

“The Lord Reigns” – “The Lord reigns let the people shout [WHOO!]”…the next time we do it, I’m going to be one of the “people shout[ing]” yeah!

“God With Us” – I’m really sad that we haven’t sung it again.

“Only One for Me” – another song that kind of disappeared…

20 08 2008

God of This City – Chris Tomlin

20 08 2008

The Lord Reigns is great, especially if you can get the congregation to shout like they do in the recording. =) I second the “From the Inside Out/Mighty to Save” combo. Never heard “God of this City” before this Sunday but like Ben said, it was so powerful with the images. It’s one of my new favorites.

20 08 2008

“i’ll stand”… don’t know who it’s by… I don’t really listen to Christian “non-rap”

20 08 2008
Joe Hwang

God of this City with the background was incredibly moving. That one’s going to stay with me for a long time …
Came to My Rescue, Give us Clean Hands, Nothing But the Blood (Matt Redman)

20 08 2008
Daniel So

worthy is the lamb – Hillsong (Darlene Zschech)

by the way, I also really liked the song God of this City with the background slideshow, especially with fall outreach just around the corner.

20 08 2008

(1) The Stand
(2) The River

20 08 2008
Mr. Tran

Prince of Peace

20 08 2008

” ‘Til I see you” has my vote!

20 08 2008

#1 God of this City
#2 You Never Let Go

20 08 2008

At last week’s college Bible study, we sang “The Lord Reigns” that starts with “The Lord reigns, let the people shout” and Kevin had everyone shout. That was great! Hope the college students bring that expression and energy to Sunday service. I think it will add to the Gracepoint Fellowship Church worship experience. =)

21 08 2008

“Savior King” for me. It’s intensity to the max. I like how our church sings it better than United. It’s more intense.

21 08 2008
Jenn Chen

My favorite is You Never Let Go by Matt Redman (I still remember hearing it for the first time at TC…it’s currently at #1 on my iTunes playlist with 177 plays). I also like God with Us (Mercy Me) and Mighty to Save (Hillsong).

21 08 2008

Daryl – gee, way to offend the only sister electric guitarist! YOU TRY IT in front of hundreds of ppl. haha that’s so not my #1 song. I know DL is laughing at this one.

Old School Fav – You Never Let Go
New School Fav – The Stand
Special Music Fav – What a Day and soon to be Let it Fade

21 08 2008

Hymns. Lots and lots of hymns. Especially “Come Thou Fount”.

22 08 2008
Emily Chen

Let Me Sing
Prince of Peace

22 08 2008

“Make My Life a Prayer to You”, “My Eyes Are Dry”, “Open Your Eyes…”
by Keith Green

24 08 2008
john w

I also like Come Thou Fount. And for modern songs: God With Us and
Let Me Sing

25 08 2008

In Christ Alone

26 08 2008

The Stand –
‘Till I See You
God of this City – wish i could have been there to see what you are all raving about!
At the Cross

26 08 2008

I like to sing hymns, such as “Come Thou Fount,” “Salvation Belongs to our God,” and “Crown Him with Many Crowns.” The words are so uplifting.

For contemporary music, I agree with many people in that I love Hillsong. In particular, I like “Hosanna,” “Saviour King,” and “God of this City.” I also like “Prince of Peace” (the brothers/sisters parts when sung together is awesome!)

27 08 2008

this is great! but james, when will you write a song for all of us? 🙂

27 08 2008

1. What can I bring
2. From the Inside Out
3. How Great is our God (Chris Tomlin)
4. Worthy is the Lamb (with the Key up)
5. God of our Yesterdays
6. Made Me Glad (Hillsongs)
7. Come Home Running (By Chris Tomlin)
8. Enough (Jeremy Camp)

27 08 2008

i love Hillsong too, but currently, it’s God of This City and Today is the Day 🙂

27 08 2008
Jane Cho

My Savior King, Worthy is the Lamb

28 08 2008

i like all these, but my favorite is from the inside out/mighty to save merged together!

29 08 2008

Saviour King
Let Me Sing
Psalm 19 (by Frontline)
Came to My Rescue

29 08 2008

can u have samplings of your band singing on this site?

29 08 2008

from the inside out, lead me to the cross, God of this city, the stand, and how great is our God.

29 08 2008

I’m not sure what legal implications having samples of our band on the site, since all the songs we sing aren’t ours…

But even then, I’d rather just direct you to the professionals… You can check out the Worship iMix that I maintain.

30 08 2008

complete (parachute band)
potter’s hand
worthy is the lamb
when I survey the wondrous cross

1 09 2008

1. greatest gift-hillsong
2. lead me to the cross- hillsong
3. god with us- mercy me
and three others we haven’t sang in awhile:
heart of worship-matt redman
shine-matt redman
come home running in service was awesome too.

8 09 2008

Today is the day
Jesus Messiah
Here is love (hymn remix)

8 09 2008

What about some more Gospel songs?

Israel and New Breed – I am a Friend of God, Lord You Are Good
Salvador – Those Who Trust
Jonathan Butler – We Need You Lord
Shane and Shane – Beauty for Ashes, Yearn (not Gospel)

13 09 2008

God With Us
Lead Me to the Cross
Let Me Sing
The Stand
From the Inside Out

I also like “Unashamed” and “Filled With Your Glory” by Starfield, but I don’t think we’ve ever sung those.

18 09 2008

I like a lot of the songs above
but here are some songs i really like that weren’t mentioned that much.. and we haven’t sung in a while..

Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)
Greatest gift
You are God alone (you are not a God created..)
who am i

Our heart ( I remember singing this one sunday after pastor Ed’s msg and it was really powerful)

sea of faces ( I really liked this song at NSWN last yr!)

22 09 2008

Shoot… there are too many for different times, I can’t pick~

My ringtone: You Never Let Go by Matt Redman
First Bible study song (so memorable!): Made to Worship by Chris Tomlin
Joyland: My Best Friend, Amazing Love
SMT: Missions Flame by Matt Redman
Prayer Meeting: For the Beauty of the Earth by Willow Creek, Come Home Running… & last week’s song but I forgot the name, something about I will follow even if no one else will (so moving!)
Female Vocal: Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong
Hymn: Amazing Grace

22 09 2008
James Kang CV

hi everyone,

1. Hosanna by Hillsong! I love this song especially the bridge! It just makes you want to sing out loud no matter how bad you may sound 🙂
2. From the Inside Out by Hillsong – One of my all time favorites
3. Til I See You by Hillsong – again, the bridge is awesome
4. With Everything by Hillsong – This is on their most recent CD “This is our God” track # 16. I love songs with bridges that make you want to sing your heart out.

As you can see, I love Hillsong 🙂

27 09 2008

Hi James,
I’d like to add to my submission, the latest Chris Tomlin’s song, “I will rise” (which I wrote about on my blog: http://joongwlee.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/song-i-will-rise/ )

Also, can you adapt his new rendition of “All the Way My Savior Leads Me”? He modified the classic hymn and if you can modify it further so that we can sing it as a congregation, that would be awesome!


9 10 2008
Sam Hudnet

“God With Us” – MercyMe
“Jesus Messiah” – Chris Tomlin ~ we had again this past week^^

29 10 2008

Hi James,

sorry for adding yet another comment. can you do something with Chris Tomlin’s “Exalted”? i really like the first half of the song, a lot more than the second half where he brings in Yahweh. maybe you can loop the first part or add more words?


13 11 2008

Hi James, let it be this one: “New Doxology” by Gateway Worship

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