Jesse — Dan Fan Club, President

10 10 2008

Here is a picture of my son, Jesse. He likes watching our band play, be it for practice at our North Loop building, or at the Willard auditorium for our Sunday morning run through.  I guess he picked up a couple things from watching us…

I sit him down on the drum “throne” (as Albert said it’s called.  hmm… what does that say about drummers?) and hand him a pair of sticks.  He hits most of the drums in no particular order.  When I took these pictures, there was a small cymbal that was just out of his reach. He went for it and fell onto the larger tom, and clinging for his life, he was still swinging for that small cymbal… that’s dedication.

Daniel, you have a padawan… don’t let him go to the dark side.  And while you’re at it, could you potty train him too?

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director




7 responses

10 10 2008
Daniel Chiang

ah yes, i sense the Force is strong with this one…
wow, Jesse’s dedication to hit that cymbal is proof he already understands Drummer’s Rule #1: never ever let the beat die! even if you’re falling off your throne.
yes, it’s quite unfortunate for all Christian drummers that they have to sit on their own throne every time they play…but hopefully they allow God to sit on the throne in all other parts of their lives!

Jesse, can’t wait to hear you play for our Easter Service, 2028!
meanwhile, keep up the good work for my fan club.

10 10 2008

whoo hoo – go Jesse!!!
I beg to differ, James. I think Jesse hits the drums with intentionality. I’ve noticed he doesn’t like to leave drums/cymbals neglected and will go from the snare to the other… drums. I’m drum illiterate, so I don’t know what they’re called. =) He hasn’t been able to hit the bass drum yet though. =)

11 10 2008

Looks like a natural to me. Can’t wait to hear his debut in the coming years!

14 10 2008
Albert Youn

yes, Jesse seems to have a lot of interest in the drums. if he also gets some African drumming lessons from you, he’ll become even more awesome

17 10 2008

oh my gooodness! jesse is soooo cute. i don’t care if he can play anything. he’s just so cute. and i’m glad he stopped biting all the other kids. – annie

29 10 2008

i think he’s a natural, too. i’ve seen him playing drums ON THE BEAT for a LONG time… he was so into it. and he seems to be mesmerized by his own ability to hit it so well. 🙂

8 12 2008

Good thing he’s not old enough to be in Austin yet, or I’d be out of a job.

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