Dedication: Jiseon Choi

29 10 2008

I was driving on Telegraph Ave. toward Willard with Soo and Jesse (wife and kid) for our 10am run-thru a couple Sundays ago when I realized that I forgot to tell Jiseon that we’re supposed to be at Willard by 10am.  Jiseon had been taking a break from singing for the worship team because she just got too busy with ministry and life, but recently got reeled back on board, to the rejoicing of many.  Our 10 am run-thrus were a recent implementation and so she wouldn’t have known about it.  Anyway, as I was kicking myself for forgetting to inform her, Soo and I spotted her car, and sure enough, it was Jiseon.  She must’ve taken the initiative to find out herself, which already demonstrates some level of dedication. But that’s not the interesting part of this story…

We pulled up to the left side of her car at the Ashby-Telegraph stoplight. Soo opened her window and waved her arm out of the door trying to get Jiseon’s attention, just to say “hi”.  

Soo: “hi Jiseon!… hey, Jiseon!..  She can’t hear me… hey, haha…” [turns to James] “… what is she doing?”

I looked over and Jiseon had her eyes focused straight ahead, but she was making some fish faces, lips puckered and all.  We didn’t see Sophie (her daughter) in the back seat, and she looked quite serious.  Unable to come to some reasonable conclusion to why she would be engaging in something so bizarre, we watched for a little while as our giggles turned to chuckles and then to full on laughter.  And then the green light came. I later told Jiseon what happened, and asked her what she was doing. She said it was an exercise her vocal teacher taught her to do.  Needless to say, she wouldn’t demonstrate it for me…

Two things I’d like to point out about this story:

1) Jiseon is dedicated.  Taking initiative to know what’s going on with the worship team schedule.  Finding time in her busy schedule to fit in her vocal exercises.  One of the best singers at our church, and yet practices to get even better.  And so focused in doing so as to not notice when some friends are trying to get your attention to say “hi”.

and 2) You never know when said “friends” are watching and having a good laugh at your expense.  

Welcome back, Jiseon. We’ve missed you.

James Kim
Gracepoint Fellowship Church – Worship Director




5 responses

29 10 2008

Yay Jiseon! I’m glad you’re back. You have to teach us the fish face exercise one of these days!! : haha. =)

29 10 2008

i am VERY glad you’re back, rock star…

29 10 2008

that hilarious.

yay go jiseon! glad you are back.

29 10 2008

Haha! Thank you! Go Jiseon! We’re happy you’re back onstage and amplified once again

30 10 2008

yay!! i’ve been waiting for this return!!

One day cop pulls up next to me.. so i stop, look dead ahead and hope that he doesn’t spot my expired registration tags. I can FEEL him looking at me and so i glance over, he’s waving at me. OH MY.. i’m going down…i turn down the volume. in my most innocent voice, “yes, officer?” He smiles and says, “I hear all sorts of music blasting out of cars… but yours.. yours is a first! Very interesting noises coming out of there…” laughs and drives away. I didn’t realize i had my passenger side window wide open while i was blasting my vocal exercises CD while doing my lip/tongue rolls. Note to self and others.. ALWAYS roll up your windows 🙂

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