Look Alikes

1 05 2009

Twins? Look a little closer!


Here’s a behind the scenes picture I snapped a while back at a Sunday praise practice. After showing Mike this photo, he finished practice, went home and changed.

Ander Chen
Acts2Fellowship Gold – Worship Leader




6 responses

1 05 2009
Jacks Lao

Yih ! It’s James the rockstar Seattle and his disciple Michael Fooster. Maybe Mike just wants to imitate his teacher, even the way he dresses… I think Mike should just grow out his hair and wear cool looking glasses like James haha.

4 05 2009

they should get matching electric guitars. that would be awesome. =D

4 05 2009

Man, we matched this past Sunday too…maybe we need to not only plan ahead on sets but wardrobe as well. Either that or my dream may come true and I can wear t-shirts and sandals!

5 05 2009

oh my… i have to comment again in response to mike’s comment – no t-shirts and sandals – please! =) btw, the vocalists have been planning wardrobes for awhile, precisely for this reason. it’s hard with the guys though – it’s either blue or blue, right?

5 05 2009

prax for easter sunday.. mike and i were both wearing jeans, flat black sneakers, black top, and had identical guitars. never thought that would happen. so for Easter sunday i claimed pink hoping mike wouldn’t show up wearing pink. he didn’t.

6 05 2009

Mike looks like it’s time for you to go to Men’s warehouse and get some cool shirts!

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