Jesse on Sugar

15 05 2009

We interrupt our normal posts to present you Jesse on Sugar! How is this praise related you ask? Easy! He’s carrying a ukulele isn’t he? I particularly like it when he talks to the pillow…enjoy and Happy Friday everyone!

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15 05 2009
Steven Choi

Sounds just like his dad on Sundays! Rock on Jesse.

15 05 2009

sugar + indiscernable words+ bowl hair cut + ukulele = craziness!! haha that was so cute!!

15 05 2009

Hahaha….I think he was singing praise towards the pillow.

15 05 2009

I cut the video short here, too. He actually was spinning around and doing this same thing for another 3 minutes or so…

15 05 2009

Holie molie…. wonder if he crashed after the sugar rush hahaha =P

15 05 2009

Oh my! That is the best. That little kid is the best! I especially like the part that he stops and seems to get frustrated either at the lack of audience response, or is thinking about the words.

15 05 2009
Allen Chen

James, what were you thinking as you were watching this unfold before your very eyes?

15 05 2009

I thought a few things…

1) Mental note: easy on the syrup next time.
2) All we need is some pyrotechnics and this would be quite a show.
3) I wonder if Soo is going to get mad at me when she sees this…

15 05 2009

lift my hands and spin around
see this pillow that i have found
oh marvelous syrup
marvelous syrup!

my guess is he’s just imitating what he sees his ahbba doing at home 😀

15 05 2009

Precious…so precious. Man has that boy grown since I last saw him!

15 05 2009

pure awesomeness

15 05 2009

No charge.

15 05 2009

I miss this kid.

15 05 2009
Anonymous Dancer at GFC

So much potential… he just needs the right mentor… imagine the possibilities!

15 05 2009


15 05 2009

Our future Gracepoint praise leader. They all seem precocious if you give them enough sugar.

15 05 2009

What kind of syrup did he have? btw I see a lot of potential in Jesse.

16 05 2009

It’s kind of like those corral horses that run around inside the circular fence. Except there’s no circular fence, and he was walking, not running.

16 05 2009

He’s definitely taking after his dad…

16 05 2009

So, James, do you ever eat this same syrup on Sundays before praise? =) Cute video. I wonder if he was singing a song, or composing one.

I think he could be Joytown praise leader! He’d be a shoe-in. But then, Joyland teachers would have to ‘deal’ with him when he got to 1st grade. Haha =)

16 05 2009
kevin h

dang he’s pretty darn good. looks like he was searching for more syrup under those pillows..

18 05 2009

This is so cute! I think these are signs of a future praise leader…most kids just bounce around when they have too much sugar =)

20 05 2009

One Sunday in Joytown, we had french toast with syrup for breakfast, and that morning, the little Joytown kids were usually hyper and running gleefully all over the classroom! The teachers were 99% sure it was because of the maple syrup, and we decided after that incident that, for the sanity of the Joytown teachers, we should not give syrup to the kids. :-/

20 05 2009

Oops, i meant that the kids “were UNUSUALLY hyper…”

21 05 2009

Love the video… he is definitely more fun to be with now that he can actually carry on a conversation…

29 05 2009
Jesse on Sugar | Gracepoint Video

[…] Jess on Sugar […]

29 05 2009

WOW! That’s got to be one of my favorite videos!! How about your son teach mine the guitar when they grow up and my son will teach your son basketball 😀

31 05 2009

by far James, the greatest video yet from any GFC blog! And to think, it wasn’t even planned out, well, at least not intentionally, I think… =)

10 06 2009

hahaha…. he’s so cute! i wish i could only understand what he’s saying!

14 03 2013

has jesse recently seen this? this is awesome

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