Bittersweet Symphony & Amazing Grace Compilation

1 06 2009

The opening video from Hillsongs 2007 Conference. It’s creative and very moving, the build from bittersweet symphony to Amazing Grace w/ Chris Tomlin is pretty awesome…enjoy!




10 responses

1 06 2009

YEA! Their orchestra is amazing!

1 06 2009

Wow, that video was amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing

2 06 2009
David Tung

I agree that the orchestra was pretty incredible! As one of the members of the GFC emergency orchestra (we get called when you need an orchestra on short notice) I hope that we get a chance to do something like that with the praise band one day!

3 06 2009
Jammy Yang

Awesome!!! The guys that sings before Chris Tomlin….his singing was moving!!!

4 06 2009

Wow!!! The fusion of the orchestra with the praise band really heightens the worship experience.

6 06 2009

It would be my dream to one day compose something like that…

9 06 2009
Chanhee Kim

They also added some of The Beatles, “A Day in the Life” in the orchestra part.

16 06 2009

Wow… that orchestra was awesome! makes me really want to learn to play an instrument…

16 06 2009
Jen Tse

Amazingly cool!! I wish we can play that… I can play orchestra bells! 🙂

23 06 2009

wow…..amazing….i got goose bumps…

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