Praise Leader in Training…

3 06 2009

For your enjoyment, looks like he’s going to be just like his dad! Feel free to Comment!




11 responses

4 06 2009

he’s so sweet!

4 06 2009

these pictures of him are so cute!! i can testify that he’s definitely a singer. he sings, but sometimes I can’t really understand what he’s saying 🙂

4 06 2009

same. i recognize a word or 2 once in awhile…i wonder if he WILL sing once he grows up

4 06 2009

at babysitting this past sunday he was running around and i asked him, “Jesse, do you play the guitar?” and then he started air strumming, jumping and singing. he ended with dancing in a circle and said “guitar!” and i said “alright…..uh……high five!” and he gave me a high five and said “yeah!!!” funny kid.

6 06 2009

born to be a star!

6 06 2009
Mike Fu

Wow! Can’t wait to see him in 25 years leading praise….

10 06 2009

he’s soooooooo cute. too bad he doesn’t like me. :-p

15 06 2009

this picture and eileen’s story give me so much joy.

16 06 2009
Chris Park

This is too cute – I really love it when he imitates James by stomping he feet as he pretends to play the guitar.

16 06 2009

awww…. jesse’s all grown up and trying to be like his dad! too cute… esp the first one, i like the head tilt!

13 09 2011
Darlene Mensinger

He is such a doll! I work with kids that play the bells and sing. It is so much fun to see them develop and gain more confidence to get up in front of people.

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