What’s that song? “Return”

17 07 2009

Many of you have requested more details of song we sang this past Tuesday at the weekly Gracepoint Fellowship Church prayer meeting. Kelly Kang, who leads our prayer meeting introduced the song “Return” by Jon Klinepeter. You can find the song on iTunes under the album Eucharist. He is apart of  a band called ‘Mission‘. You can also download the song chart on their site here.

Buy/Listen to it on iTunes

Note: If any of you have a song you are wondering about, please dont hesitate to comment and ask!




3 responses

21 07 2009

The church used to be called Wrigleyville. They came to the Willow Arts Conference a few years ago which is when it was introduced to us. Great song.

22 07 2009

very powerful song

2 02 2015

This song brought me and many of my friends to tears the other Sunday in church. I had never heard this song before then, and I have searched the Internet for it with no prevail, unti now that is. All I gotta say is that you guys should considser signing with Spotify, to make it free and available to the masses, although is would take a lot and isn’t too reasonable. But regardless, bless you all and the impact that “Return” continues to have.

~child of the one true King~

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