Praiseband Bloopers: Lord Reign in Me

20 07 2009

Hey there readers of Gracepoint Worship blog, just wanted to announce a new genre here called Praiseband Bloopers. Aside from what you see on Fridays and Sundays, we are all human and do make the mistakes. Just to prove that point and hopefully add some joy to your day, here’s the first one.

The context (From David):

It was the weekend of the college retreat with Pastor Ed and Kelly Kang, so Sunday Worship Service  at Berkeley Gracepoint was just the Praxis group.  As a result, we had a certain Praxis director whos four letter name starts with T and ends with Y leading along with Po, Richard on drums, Eric (electric guitar debut), guitar (I think Eileen), bass (Richard teej) and singers Debbie and myself. The reason why it happened was because we were supposed to repeat the last chorus, but as the song was going I think people forgot or were unsure and at the last minute decided to bail out which left him hanging.  ouch.  the cost of being the praise leader I guess.  🙂




14 responses

20 07 2009

Oh my, that was so funny. ..

20 07 2009

So hard to be a praise leader…I think there is a lot of material for this genre.

22 07 2009

At least no one was heard laughing. I think other installments of this series will include some of the singers unable to contain their laughter. But, you can hear an “uhh…” from T**Y in this track.

I think we were trying to do the double stop… but settled for a one and a half stop… haha

22 07 2009


23 07 2009
James C.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite genres…

23 07 2009

This is so funny…poor T__y.

23 07 2009

Wow, every praise leader can be inspired to keep praising despite mishaps.

25 07 2009
Carl Lewis Singing the National Anthem | Gracepoint Fellowship Church Videos | Gracepoint Video

[…] Carl Lewis were a member of Gracepoint, he probably  be a contributor to the Praiseband Bloopers! But okay, enough poking fun at this Olympic athlete. Here are some of Carl Lewis’ athletic […]

25 07 2009

in order for our congregation to be fuller with God’s joy, this should happen more often!

30 07 2009
Clean Cut Media

yikes … that is no fun.

22 08 2009

i was playing second keyboard that day (it’s ok, David, I know it’s the forgettable instrument) and man, it was pretty…amazing…to be a part of that! 🙂

25 09 2009

oh my! i never knew!

26 09 2009

🙂 yeah, it’s hard being a praise leader.

27 09 2009

I am pretty sure I was there, but somehow this was not in my memory… must’ve blocked it out

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