Overcome – Desperation Band:New Life Church

29 07 2009

Just wanted to share with you all the song “Overcome” by Desperation Band.  Watch the video below to hear about the story behind the song, it’s very powerful…






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29 07 2009

I really love this song, I bought the whole CD after we sang “Pleasing to You” and the testimonies in Overcome really touched and blessed me. Thanks for sharing the video, it’s so powerful. Indeed, by the power of the blood and the word of our testimonies, we will overcome!

30 07 2009
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30 07 2009

Wow. Chills went up my spine as I listened to their testimony of how they wouldn’t be defeated and had faith in God despite all they had faced. May I too not be defeated but have faith and trust in God.

30 07 2009

Thank you for sharing this! I was so amazed as I listened to their testimony and how they came together as a church. God is indeed so faithful and so good.

30 07 2009

Wow, it was powerful just hearing their testimony and just seeing them worship despite all they were going through.

15 08 2009

this song gives me so much personal hope, indeed i am weak and powerless but God is the one who can help me overcome…I like this song so much

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