Praiseband Bloopers: Made Me Glad – Gracepoint Hsinchu Band

3 08 2009

Straight from Hsinchu, Taiwan comes our next in this series of praise bloopers. This is one of the most painful ones that we’ve got but just to give some credit to the Electric guitarist who is at Waypoint Community Church in Davis, Kan L. dropped his guitar right before praise started so he had no idea it was waaaay out of tune. But one has to wonder, why keep playing? Just stop right? And then that begs the question, why didn’t Jon who’s leading stop?

Well because they didn’t Gracepoint Worship blog presents Gracepoint Hsinchu’s very own rendition of “Made Me Glad”!





14 responses

3 08 2009

Ouch………… oh my, I had to stop listening after 3 seconds…

3 08 2009

omy that’s hilarious…

4 08 2009

Haha! I would have thought it was some Asian-inspired improv.

4 08 2009
joyce yen

oh lordy, please don’t remind me… btw, it sounds much worse in the recording than being there, but then again, i’m also not very musical. =P

5 08 2009

this was actually kind of painful to listen to =P haha

6 08 2009

interesting rendition of that song. sounds new age-y

6 08 2009
kevin huang

i agree with david.. it’s just another interpretation of music, that’s all

10 08 2009

just wanted to clarify in case there was confusion, the electric guitarist from waypoint was phil c. ;p this is one of our favorite hsinchu church praise stories ever, brings back such hilarious memories!

12 08 2009

oooof no good

12 08 2009

i wish there was also a companion video of the faces of the congregation. that would be priceless. or the face of that guitarist from Waypoint.

22 08 2009

Oh my. I think my son here at Davis could played better than that…and Taylor doesn’t know how to play guitar! 🙂 Well, I’m glad Gracepoint Hsinchu band is better off now. 🙂

P. Jonathan

22 08 2009

danchiang, it’s not too late to create a re-enactment or something. maybe for that guitarist’s normal v. one day! 🙂

11 09 2009

Haha, that was great 😛

10 11 2009
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