Praiseband Bloopers: From the Inside Out

9 09 2009

I believe this one hails from praise at  Gracepoint Berkeley’s Koinonia college fellowship. Another electric guitar snafu…boy just goes to show that we should appreciate Mike and Jeff that much more. But thanks to guys like Steven you get to enjoy the latest blooper!

Enjoy! haha




7 responses

9 09 2009
David Tung

Doesn’t it kind of sound like the chime that goes off when they need to make a public service announcement at an airport?

10 09 2009

Hah…that wasn’t too bad – maybe electric should’ve not played at all for that first intro =)

12 09 2009
Albert Youn

nice! yeah, not too bad. decent recovery hehe

14 09 2009

lol! that happens all the time with that song!!

20 09 2009
Alexander Cho

Steven! My electric guitar bro, i feel the pain… haha

14 11 2009
Eric Choi

ha, the electric sounded like it was gonna start “Mighty to Save”…

14 06 2010

ray: “let’s sing this song as a prayer…”

perhaps a prayer for steven! =)

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