Learn to Sing: The Lord Bless You and Keep You

20 07 2010

As most of you know, this song is sung at all our farewells and I’m sure that like me, most of you just find yourselves trying to “figure out” the song while the older ones at our church sing it. When well sung, its beautiful but because a lot us dont know it, there have been times where ive been part of a really painful rendition of it.

Well everyone, here’s your chance to learn it! Each part has been posted below and just find your part and start singing away!

The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord lift His countenance upon you,
And give you peace, and give you peace;
The Lord make His face to shine upon you,
And be gracious, and be gracious;
The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you.







What’s that song? “Return”

17 07 2009

Many of you have requested more details of song we sang this past Tuesday at the weekly Gracepoint Fellowship Church prayer meeting. Kelly Kang, who leads our prayer meeting introduced the song “Return” by Jon Klinepeter. You can find the song on iTunes under the album Eucharist. He is apart of  a band called ‘Mission‘. You can also download the song chart on their site here.

Buy/Listen to it on iTunes

Note: If any of you have a song you are wondering about, please dont hesitate to comment and ask!

Tutorial: Solution – Hillsong United

17 07 2009

Tutorial on how to play Hillsong United’s Solution by Mike who’s on the Gracepoint Worship Team

Tutorial: Our God Saves – Paul Baloche

6 07 2009

Hey everyone, here’s a good acoustic guitar tutorial tutorial video from youtube for this song! You might recognize the song because we do sing it here at Gracepoint Berkeley. Check it out and please don’t forget to comment.

Keyboard Tutorial Videos

26 06 2009

In case you haven’t noticed, we are developing a resources section here at our Gracepoint Worship blog. For those of you who have been bummed that there’s no keyboard MYT this summer, we are publishing our own keyboard tutorial videos, made by our very own Dominic! He’s currently serving as our keyboardist at Gracepoint Fellowship Church Austin, Gracepoint Berkeley’s sister church. Here’s the fourth installment of the series. Check out the Resources Page for more videos!

Tutorial: Where the Love Lasts Forever – Hillsong United

5 06 2009

Here is Mike from the Gracepoint Fellowship Church Berkeley Worship Team teaching Where the Love Lasts Forever by Hillsong United.

Tutorial: Mighty to Save – Hillsong United

28 05 2009

Short electric guitar tutorial by Gracepoint Fellowship Church’s Worship Team on how to play Mighty to Save by Hillsong United