Wish you could take beginning keyboard MYT this summer? You can still learn! We will be posting videos here every couple days with training videos made by our very own Paul and Dominic!

Lesson One – Basic Chords

Lesson Two – Basic Chords

Lesson Three – Slash Chords

Lesson Four – Slash Chords

Lesson Five – Inversions

Lesson Six – Inversions

Lesson Seven – Inversions

Lesson Eight – 2 Chord

Lesson Nine – Suspended Chord

Lesson Ten – 2 and Sus Chords

Lesson Eleven – 2 and Sus Chords

Lesson Twelve – 2 Chord, add 3rd

Lesson Thirteen – Looking Forward


3 responses

3 11 2009

what’s the name of this song?

3 11 2009

“Create In Me”, by Willow Creek Worship (from Willow Creek Community Church)

22 09 2010

hello! now that i’m playing keys for sws over here in minneapolis, i would really appreciate tutorials on how to utilize keys for different songs. i know gracepoint austin is in a similar situation without an electric guitar. it’s challenging sometimes to figure out the electric guitar part on the keyboard… any help would be appreciated. thanks dominic for all your help!

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